Authors:-Khyal Jadav, Debashish Roy

Abstract- The journey of a new startup is fraught with hurdles and obstacles that test the resilience and adaptability of entrepreneurs. This study aims to elucidate and analyze the multifaceted challenges encountered by emerging startups in today’s dynamic business environment. Drawing upon a comprehensive review of literature and empirical research, this paper identifies key challenges faced by new startups across various dimensions, including but not limited to, financial constraints, market competition, regulatory compliance, talent acquisition, and technological disruptions. Through qualitative analysis of case studies and interviews with startup founders and industry experts, this research provides nuanced insights into the nature and impact of these challenges on the survival and growth of startups. Furthermore, this study examines the interplay between different challenges and the strategies employed by startups to mitigate their adverse effects. By exploring real-world examples and success stories, this paper offers practical recommendations and best practices for aspiring entrepreneurs and stakeholders to navigate the turbulent waters of startup ventures.