Any paper submitted to IJNREFM will be subjected to the following Peer Review Process:

Step-1: [Author]

– Author writes a manuscript and submits it to IJNREFM Editor by mailing to

Step-2: [Author]

– Editor determines the quality and content of manuscript.

– Editor forwards the manuscript to reviewers who are experts in the field, if it is accepted.

Step-3: [Reviewer]

– Reviewer team will evaluate the manuscript and gives the status as follows to the Editor:

1. Accepted

2. Accepted with changes

3. Rejected for revision/resubmission

4. Rejected

Step-4: [Editor]

– Editor gives the reviewer’s feedback to author by e-mail.

– Editor also gives account detail for publication fee, If manuscript is accepted.

Step-5: [Author]

– Author should take one of the following actions based on review feedback:

1. Accepted:

– Deposit fee to given account detail

– Send Final manuscript, Copyright form and Payment details (scanned copy of payment slip / online transaction details) to

2. Accepted with changes

– Make changes in manuscript and re-submit to editor

3. Rejected for revision/resubmission

– Do the revision, make changes in manuscript and re-submit to editor

4. Rejected

– Author can submit a new article for coming issue.

Step-6: [Publisher]

– Publisher will publish the accepted manuscript in coming issue.

Step-7: [Editor]

– Editor gives the published information to author by e-mail.

Certificate of Publication:

A e-Certificate of Publication will be provided to the authors, after the Online Publication of International Journal.