1. Key Components of Employee Engagement: An Observational Analysis of MSME’s in Kashmir

Authors:-Dr. Khanday Sadaf un Nisa, Dr. Altaf Hussain Naik

Abstract- Purpose- Employee engagement is a topic of concern for every enterprise be it small or medium. Success of enterprise is determined by its capability of retaining best talent. The purpose of this paper is to determine the factors that influence employee engagement. If the factors that have positive impact on employee engagement are known, then it becomes easy for the enterprise to act accordingly on those factors. Methodology- Data was collected from a sample of 68 employees from different small and medium scale enterprises operating in various districts of Kashmir. Findings- Financial factors mostly influence employee engagement. If employees are provided with impartial compensation and rewards for their work, they feel motivated and give their best. Enterprises that take into account career development opportunities for employees succeed in improving employee engagement. Enterprises should work on all the factors like financial, growth, motivation in order to compete globally because employee engagement now a days has gained global importance. Research limitations- The study involves a small sample of only 68 employees. Employee preferences vary, some factors may influence an employee in one way and same factors may influence the other employee differently. So further research can be conducted on this study. Practical implications- The study highlights the significant strategies that enterprises can use in order to increase their employee engagement. The study is helpful for the enterprises who want to retain talent and improve engagement levels of employees. Value/ originality- The paper is contributing to the existing body of knowledge related to employee engagement. Previous literature has lacked in determining employee engagement with respect to small and medium scale enterprises of Kashmir.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.61463/ijnrefm.vol.2.issue2.103