Authors:- Shrikant Jaiswal

Abstract- This case study examines Tata Digital’s strategic acquisition of BigBasket, a leading player in India’s burgeoning online grocery market. The research investigates the underlying motivations driving this merger and acquisition (M&A) deal, with a specific focus on the strategic fit between both entities, financial implications, regulatory compliance, and challenges of cultural integration. By analyzing the market dynamics, financial performance, and regulatory landscape, this study aims to uncover the potential synergies and risks associated with the acquisition. The findings shed light on the evolving landscape of India’s commerce sector and the strategies employed by conglomerates like Tata to expand their digital footprint and capture market share in the rapidly growing online grocery segment. Additionally, the study delves into the complexities of integrating diverse organizational cultures and the regulatory hurdles faced in high-stakes M&A transactions. This research contributes to a deeper understanding of the factors influencing the success of M&A deals in emerging markets and offers valuable insights for both practitioners and academics in the field of corporate restructuring and strategic management.