Authors:- Ms. Pawani Reddy, Dr. Sanjeev Mishra, Dr. A. K. Chaturvedi

Abstract- Rationale: Growing expectations and need of stakeholders followed with technological advancements at different ends of the Supply Chain (SC) are making the entire chain quite complex, and prone to disruptions and indecisive. To manage several aspects associated with the continuity of business processes, it become imperative to manage the supply chain risks associated with disruptions implicitly and explicitly. In this context interest of the academicians, researchers and industrialists for Industry 4.0 and related technologies for managing the disruptions of SC is burgeoning. The principal objective of the present research work is to qualitatively assess the relative effect of the Industry 4.0 tools and technologies on the SC visibility and flexibility which leads into making the SC more repressible and robust. Methodology: The research work was carried out in two different stages. In first stage extensive review was performed over the studies related with the disruptions in SC to identify the major challenging aspects and in consequent section analysis is presented. Conclusion: This research work confirms that Industry 4.0 tools and technologies are effective in building a resilient and robust SC at different stages. It is also noticed that Industry 4.0 tools and technology applications result into more explicit and implicit benefits to the SC in pre-turmoil and reclamation stage. Practical Contribution: The research work may help to know about the key areas of the SC followed with the application of Industry 4.0 tools and technologies to make the SC more resilient and robust for continuity of business.